Different toppings and variations for your morning glory – oatmeal inspiration

Well uh, have anyone actually noticed that no one bats an eye if you tell them that you eat the same oatmeal for breakfast every morning? Imagine the fuzz if you said that you ate the same dish for lunch every day! People would think that you’re bat shit crazy. However, with breakfast, it’s okay. I still think do that even if you eat the same oatmeal you should use different flavorings and topping from time to time. Here’s a couple ideas!

*Caulifloats – oatmeal with cauliflower for volume
*Pumpkin oats – volume and taste
*Different essences
*Coconut milk + pineapple
*Bananas + clove
*Goji berries and seeds and berries you can possibly think of
*Cauliflower + cocoa
*Pumpkin + spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon
*Apples + cinnamon
*Pistachios (perhaps my fav, pistachio milk!) + oranges
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Let’s have cookie dough for lunch – 295 calories

Another great thing about iifym-diet and adulthood is that you get to eat COOKIE DOUGH for lunch Well, this is a healthified version that’s gluten free, high protein and of course egg free. Don’t get discouraged by the content, it’s surprisingly close to the real deal.

3 T (20 g) coconut flour
100 g cooked white beans
100 g pureed cauliflower
1/3 scoop vanilla whey (12 g)
1 T crunchy peanut butter
A few chocolate chips (optional)
Sweetener to taste
A pinch of salt
Few drops of banoffee essence
A reaaaally tiny pinch of baking powder (omit at your own risk but this actually gives the dough an authentic cookie batter taste)

Blend everything with a blender or food processor but the chocolate chips. Watch the consistency while you blend and add a little non dairy milk if the dough is to dry. Lastly, add chocolate chips and enjoy!

Cal: 295